Parish Assistance Programs

Dear Parishioners,

We hope you and your families are well and keeping in good spirit.  To continuously support our Catholic community, we have the following assistance programs:

COVID-19 assistance:

Our parish administration wishes to facilitate opportunities to reach out and help each other during the circumstances placed on us by the Covid pandemic.  Should you need help with delivery of supplies, would like to talk to someone, or would like to assist those in need, please email or call the Parish Office on 9448 4888.

St Vincent de Paul:

The North Beach Vinnies main work involves person to person contact with people who need emergency relief to tide them over a difficult time in their life, perhaps due to sudden illness, job loss, or family breakdown.  The helping process starts when someone contacts the St Vincent de Paul Central Call Centre on 1300 794 054, with a request for help.  Their request is then forwarded to the local Vinnies in North Beach who will arrange a friendly visit from two volunteers to assess what help or information they can offer.

Volunteers spend time talking with those who request help to determine the best support possible.  Due to current Covid restrictions volunteers cannot enter homes.  Practical or financial assistance can include, but is not limited to, assistance towards day to day essentials such as food, clothing, or help with utilities.   Information about other relevant services can also be provided.

All of our visits are dealt with in a completely confidential and non- judgemental manner.

Help can be requested via the St Vincent de Paul Central Call Centre
1300 794 054
Monday – Friday, 9am to 1pm

Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth:

The Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth is an international congregation of religious women, founded in Rome in 1875.  The Sisters are engaged in various apostolates including education, childcare, pastoral ministry, and care for the aged. Currently, the congregation participates in the mission of the Church in America, Europe, the Philippines, and Australia.

Parish Outreach (Rang’ala and other charity works):

Our Parish has had a wonderful history of supporting Rang’ala Baby Home in Kenya. The connection between our Parish and Rang’ala started nearly 20 years ago.

Back around 2006 Fr Ken Keating (the then Parish Priest) returned from a visit to his friend Fr Don in Canada.
Fr Don had organised a children’s collection at mass on the weekend to support an orphanage in South America.
Fr Ken said that he would like to institute a similar arrangement in our Parish. Deacon Paul contacted Catholic Mission to find a suitable recipient and they suggested Rang’ala Baby Home in Kenya. So we started our Rang’ala children’s collection which is the collection taken in jars in front of the alter after the second collection.
Rang’ala is a home for babies whose parent(s) have contracted and died from Aids or died following difficult births and where family support was not available. The home looks after little ones until they reach an age where family support is more available and the children can be more easily cared for by relatives.
The orphanage is run by Franciscan Sisters with voluntary support from quite a few residents of the local community.
Numbers vary but average about 40 young children at any one time.
Apart from our remittances (usually every 4 months) there was an occasion where they asked our help with urgent repairs and a special collection was organised. So far we have sent approximately $270K in total across the years.

Photos from Rang’ala along with budget for 2024 follow :

Exchange rate : 1 AUD = 100 KSH

In addition to continuing our support of Rang’ala, we are looking for opportunities to extend our support to additional worthwhile Catholic or Christian charities and would welcome your suggestions – please contact the Parish Office.